A taste of what's going on in Torah Mitzion Washington

Torah Study

We run a lively Beit Midrash, in which we and the students immerse ourselves in study and practice of Torah.

Ulpan program

We help run a lively very successful Ulpan Ivrit – weekly meetings and lessons dedicated to learning Hebrew.


The Idea of Torah Mitzion
הצדיקים הטהורים אינם קובלים על הרשעה אלא מוסיפים צדק

The Torah MiTzion Kollel in Washington is based in the Berman Hebrew Academy. It serves as a Learning Center, strengthening the study of Torah in both the school and community while promulgating Torah values and their way of life.

The learning center is offered by way of the Beit Midrash, in which the shlichim and their students immerse themselves in study and practice of Torah. The objective is to promote and teach the lofty goals of Torat Yisrael, Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael.

In addition, the talents and spirit of the Kollel faculty are shared among numerous communities as they offer classes, lectures, Shabbatonim, etc. in institutions outside of the school.

  • Torah
  • Zionism
  • Hebrew
  • Midot

Our Team

Meet the 5776 Torah Mitzion of Greater Washington Team!
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Saarya Berlinger

Studied in Hesder in Yeshivat Yerucham and served in the Golani Brigade (foot soldiers). Loves to learn, teach and do computer programming.
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Elad Timstit

Studied for in Yeshivat Yerucham and then served for a full three years in the Intelligence unit of the IDF. Likes to Hike and play guitar.
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Alon Nemtzov

Alon went to Mechinat Keshet in th Golan and the served for 3 years in the Armed Corps. as a Tank Commander. He joined us at the last minute – strait from Camp Moshava IO.
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Shlomi Weinberg

Studied at the Yeshiva in Shadmot Mehola and served as a Shooting Instructor in the IDF. An active member of the Israeli Role Playing Association.

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